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The Mexican government is forcing retaliation from President Donald Trump, as Mexico is not only allowing their own citizens to enter the United States illegally, but are also helping other nations’ migrants do it, too.

As we reported, the president went on a Twitter tirade on Sunday, threatening to end the DACA deal, pushing Congress to use the nuclear option to get border security legislation passed, and holding a gun to Mexico’s head with a threat to end the North American Free Trade Agreement.

The fact is: any punishment Mexico receives is of their own fault.

Mexican Border Patrol units stood aside as a caravan of illegal immigrants crossed the border from Guatemala, and Mexican police are continuing to stand aside as the caravan marches toward the United States border.

Officials in some Mexican towns have helped by providing food, water and lodging to the migrants who are said to be from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, according to El Universal.

The caravan, named “Viacrucis Migrante 2018” by its organizers, Pueblo Sin Fronteras (Peoples Without Borders), is expected to reach Tijuana within a month, where some members will request asylum from the United States.


What is most astounding is that the caravan’s organizers, and those who support them, apparently believe that anyone who wants to come to America is entitled to do so.

“ALERTA—Far-right white supremacists, including at Breitbart, are setting sights on the #ViacrucisMigrante2018 #RefugeeCaravan #NoBanNoWallNoRaids #RefugeesWelcome,” wrote a Twitter user named PJ Podesta.

Irineo Mújica, a migrant as well as one of the march’s organizers, told Univision that the migrants will ask the United States for asylum “because of the poverty and violence of the organized crime” in their home nations.

If poverty and violence were enough reason to give asylum to these migrants, there would be no reason that the United States could not give the entirety of Latin America asylum, which would be an economic disaster for the United States and its citizens.

“The United States complains about migration, but at the same time it contributes to the cause of why people emigrate,” Mújica said.

Mexican activist Cristóbal Sánchez said that the march is designed to have America “recognize the humanitarian crisis that is being experienced in our Central American countries.”

This spotlight on the humanitarian crisis is a fine thing to do, but it does not entitle anyone to residence in the United States. Citizens of any nation are responsible for enacting change and fixing their own government.

If America could take in every refugee around the world who faces these challenges, that would be fantastic, but there are not enough jobs or resources to accommodate this ideal, which is why there does exist a legal way to immigrate, and these migrants should recognize this process and respect the law of the land they so badly want to be a part of.


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