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Minneapolis is Having a Renaissance

Coming at you straight out of the blustery grasslands and swamps of the Midwest, Minneapolis Minnesota is the best right now. Minneapolis is the best place to live, its the most politically diverse from Ilhan Omar to Jacob Frey, it’s the best place to have fun from Lake Minnetonka to local the breweries, and the climate is divine. This is not just another homer article. Small mindedness, open carry and geographic segregation are a pretty big issue in Minnesota, but they’re working on it, garsh darn’it!

Minneapolis is getting high on their own supply… of breweries. It’s like someone visited Stone Brewery in San Diego came back and did it 1,000 different but all mostly awesome ways. Like the altitude in Denver, the potency, quality and originality of the brewery experience in Minneapolis is high! It’s not just IPA’s either folks, it porters, lagers and ciders. Also, a point of interest if you’re visiting Minnesota for the first time, those guys with ironic mustaches, overalls or plaid, they may actually be lumberjacks, not hipsters.

I believe Minnesota is about to have a big impact on politics on the national stage too. Politicians in Minnesota have maintained decorum while being challenged with unprecedented issues. I also believe Minnesota is home to a future Democratic presidential nominee in Ilhan Omar. When you’re the “new person” on the job, all the issues nobody else wants to deal with falls on you. This also means that when things don’t guy right, your head is quickest to the chop! Frey and Omar have taken on big issues that nobody has wanted to touch like affordable housing, bridging diverse communities and replacing fellow Democrat Keith Ellison (D, MN) who was beginning to become exposed and overmatched in the position. Frey and Omar are making a real impact and masterfully using political spin to make a political resignation look like a positive for the Democrats.

Detractors will always point to the Minnesota climate as our “Achilles heel.” It’s important to note that our mythical winters aren’t any longer than yours in regards to days or length if you’re here in the U.S. Minnesota also isn’t more windy or humid or buggy than anywhere else with the exception of Southern California and Hawaii.  However, it does get really cold here during the winter season which is a great strength for the health of our nature and environment. It forces a die-off that keeps our lakes healthy and clean. The cold also keeps the “rif-raf” away as I’ve heard repeated by many retirees at one of our many breweries. Our summers are hot but not too hot, fall is immensely beautiful and spring is wet and spongy while we defrost.

Lake Minnetonka is where Tony Soprano and “rif-raf” come to play. You will pass millions of dollars in boats and view ten-million-dollar homes and sprawling golf course during an afternoon out. You will tie-up, tie-out or dock at some really cool pubs, restaurants and bars. You will catch sun, fish and sunsets. However, Lake Minnetonka provides little access unless you have a thick bank account.

I’m sure you think where you live is nice. I hope most people like their home. What I’m saying is that Minnesota is very different than what you believe and also the best!


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  1. TheDivineMissM July 21, 2018

    Isn’t that the woman that married her brother to get him into the country?


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