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President Donald J. Trump Meets with Governors Elect 45399879175
George Floyd Protest Columbus Ohio
Screenshot 2020 07 17 at 8.29.22 AM scaled e1595037348139
Breonna Taylor mural in Terra Linda San Rafael California on June 7 2020 scaled e1594842939446
Protest For Breonna Taylor 50049166317
BLMColorado e1593312386196
Protestors confront the Secret Service in front of the Old Executive Office Building on Pennsylvania Avenue. Lafayette Park and access to the White House had been barricaded. Protestors were there in a second day of DC protests against the police brutality in the death of George Floyd. However, after days of taunts from the President, the protest had featured strong anti-Trump chants.
SFNo Justice No Peace
2020George Floyd protest in Grand Army Plaza June 7 73161
Minnesota State Patrol 49970643266
Raytheon Cityline Front
Defund the police
1280px George Floyd Protest Columbus May 30th George Floyd Protest Columbus May 30th IMG 2012 49954069361
George Floyd Protest Columbus Ohio
1280px Vigil for George Floyd at Chicago Avenue 38th Street 49953483426
Lisbon BLM protest June 6 2020 e1591549630584
Protesting the Murder of George Floyd Washington DC USA 155 50211
Minnesota State Patrol 49970643266
Justice for All March Dec. 13 2014 15397345504
1280px NPOMS 2019 110 47809910352
George Floyd Memorial at 38th and Chicago Avenue South Minneapolis 49942178738
1280px Minnesota State Patrol stand at E Lake St and 29th Ave S in Minneapolis Minnesota 49950065397
Amber Guyger
Eric Garner Protests
End police brutality protest, 2014.