A crowdfunded Trump Baby blimp floated in the London skies last week in protest of U.S. President Donald Trump’s trip to the U.K. The blimp was such a hit that more crowdfunding campaigns have sprung up to bring the blimp to the U.S. and possibly embark on a world tour.

The twenty-foot blimp was financed by over 2000 donors who raised over £34,521 and flew for two hours last Friday. The original crowdfunding campaign is still live and any new funds raised will be used to take the baby blimp on a world tour. The campaign’s most recent update thanked everyone for the “incredible public support” and “overflowing international press coverage” and announced the Trump Baby phenomenon would continue.

“We’re not done yet. We’ve had countless requests for Trump Baby to visit countries all over the world under threat from a visit from the orange terror.

“So – let’s fund a global travel fund for Trump Baby and ensure a global rolling trolling of everyone’s least favourite pop-up tyrant.

“The more generous donations we receive, the more places Trump Baby can go!!!,” said the campaign’s website.

In addition to the original Trump campaign, more Trump Baby campaigns have sprung up around the U.S. The most successful fundraising campaign so far is being waged by two New Jersey activists who have raised $17,448 of their original $4,500 goal.

“Given your generous response we will be purchasing more than one Baby so we can go coast-to-coast, border-to-border. Our goal is to make Baby Trump available to various locations around the country. Dozens of locations have reached out to us,” says the crowd-funding page on GoFundMe.

So far there are ten other Trump Baby blimp campaigns on GoFundMe, including one that has raised $1,125 of its $7,000 campaign and will donate its funds to the ACLU if it doesn’t raise enough money to support a Trump Baby Blimp.

The other campaigns include ones specifically to bring the Trump Baby to Austin and St. Louis and another hosted by Code Pink targeted for Washington D.C. Code Pink has raised over $2,000 in one day and will fly the Trump Baby Blimp in D.C. “over our nation’s capital during Trump’s military parade on November 10.”

You can follow the Trump Baby’s exploits and potential world tour on Twitter where he has his own account with the username @TrumpBabyUK.

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