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President Donald J. Trump Meets with Governors Elect 45399879175
Breonna Taylor mural in Terra Linda San Rafael California on June 7 2020 scaled e1594842939446
George Floyd Protest Columbus Ohio
Seth Rogen 48429401226
Mattis Trump
1280px Memorial Day Wreath laying Ceremony 49938196651
Colombia protest
French protester on December 5, 2019 protesting against French President Emmanuel Macron's planned pension reform.
The resulting political passivity of Americans is not some strange accident of American culture but the intended product of a mutually reinforcing web of economic, political and media systems that keep the American public confused, distracted and convinced of our own powerlessness.
Hong Kong anti-extradition bill protest
Hong Kong protests against extradition bill. Date: August, 18, 2019.
Protestors gathered outside in San Juan, Puerto Rico on July 15. (Photo: YouTube)
Protesters against the Dakota Access Pipeline and Keystone XL Pipeline hold a sit-in in the street next to the San Francisco Federal Building.
Security forces moved in against Sudanese protesters who've been demanding an end to military rule.
Honduras protest. (Photo: Peoples Dispatch)