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What Happens To Sen. John McCain’s Senate Seat Now?

It has been mere hours since the news of the passing of Republican Arizona Sen. John McCain and now the attention of many has shifted to what becomes of the deceased senators spot in the Senate.

With a razor thin Republican majority in the Senate the replacement of Sen. McCain is of extreme importance to both Democrats and Republicans and, though the senator has not cast a vote in the Senate in months, his replacement will have major shoes to fill.

The Seventeenth Amendment, which outlines the election of senators, explains what is to be done in the case of a senator who dies, resigns of is kicked out of the senate.

By the rules of the Amendment, it will be the responsibility of Republican Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey to name Sen. McCain’s replacement.

The person chosen to replace Sen. McCain will serve, at least, until 2020 when the seat will be contested in an election.

Some of the names that have been mentioned in the running for the seat include Sen. McCain’s wife Cindy McCain, The Arizona Republic reported.

“In recent years, Cindy McCain has been an outspoken advocate against human trafficking. She has advocated for victims while tackling legislation at the federal and state levels to combat trafficking, and some of her work through the McCain Institute’s Human Trafficking Program has raised awareness nationally about the issue,” it said.

Other names mentioned by The Republic include the governor’s chief of staff Kirk Adams, Barbara Barrett, the first female Republican to ever run for governor of the state of Arizona, former U.S. Senate Republican whip Jon Kyl, real estate developer Karrin Taylor Robson, former Congressman John Shadegg, former Congressman Matt Salmon and state treasurer Eileen Klein, all Republicans.

Arizona will have two new senators as Republican Sen. Jeff Flake is retiring, and his seat will be decided in the 2018 midterm elections. Some have pointed to the race as a chance for Democrats to snatch a seat from the GOP as the demographics of Arizona change.

Gov. Ducey has said that he will not appoint himself.

Carmine Sabia

Carmine began writing for BizPacReview in 2014 where he found success as a conservative writer. His popularity continued to soar as he gained tens of thousands of followers. ​Carmine has been quoted by Fox News, has been interviewed on television by Tomi Lahren, appeared on BBC Radio, "The Critical Hour" with Dr. Wilmer Leon, Sky News in the UK, NHK in Japan, Power 98.7 South Africa and various other media outlets.


  1. WhiteHelmetsExposed August 25, 2018

    #McCain “All McCain’s Men” in the FSA Terrorist Factions in Syria – A Lesson in How Not To Conduct C… https://t.co/vSsRwbCM5M

  2. Walls Bett August 25, 2018

    Give it to his daughter

  3. Doug Bryant August 25, 2018

    Probably a Trumpanzee yes man gets it.

  4. Dorothy Wong August 25, 2018

    They better watch out IF Cindy can replace her husband & does ! They will have HELL to pay !

  5. John Cacho August 26, 2018

    It goes to another career politician to take from citizens and legislate them into statist slavery.

  6. Kathy Holley August 26, 2018

    Special election if it isn’t too close to the 2018 election.

  7. Charles Gould August 26, 2018

    The governor will appoint someone til an election can be forfilled .

  8. Beverly Chisholm Davis August 26, 2018

    Someone suggested his wife might fill it. Wives have done it before.

  9. Fred Nightwalker August 31, 2018


    1. Dorothy Wong August 31, 2018

      Fred Nightwalker I sure hope so ! I’m pretty sure she gets offered 1st !

  10. Kathy Holley August 31, 2018

    Arizona governor will appoint his replacement after McCain is laid to rest to finish out his term.

    1. Dorothy Wong August 31, 2018

      Kathy Holley , Yes.

  11. Lisa Mckay August 31, 2018

    Set it on fire????

  12. Cliff Mack August 31, 2018

    Let his wife do it she know him best. And plus she the daughter of your state so don’t disrespect her

  13. Dorothy Wong August 31, 2018

    I really hope she does . And of course #45 will try to make it NOT happen . I pray she does.& sticks it to the evil one & the republicans for their treatment of her husband ! I say STICK IT TO #45 REAL GOOD ! GO AGAINST EVERYTHING HE WANTS !

  14. Dorothy Wong August 31, 2018

    My guess is , Cindy already knows whether or not she will or not . I’m sure John already told her what he would want her to do . So, we will know soon . It will be very hard for her , She has not been able to grieve privately . However maybe this will be a good thing .

  15. Johnny Thomas August 31, 2018

    The Governor of AZ gets to appoint someone after his burial unfortunately.

  16. Joelle Cannon August 31, 2018

    Hope his wife does.

  17. Jack Strubel Jr. August 31, 2018

    another lieing demanotzy

  18. Fred Nightwalker September 27, 2018



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