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The Fur is Flying as California Extremists Move For a Statewide Ban

Los Angeles made headlines when it became the largest US city to ban the production and sale of furs. Activists are now trying to do the same statewide citing animal welfare as the chief driver. But laws have unintended consequences and the strategy of prohibition has a dark past. Supporters include organizations whose stated goals include using a ban on fur to get public support to prohibit the use of animals in other ways that the public do not support.

September 04, 2019

$700k Apartments and $300k Toilets For LA Homeless in Housing Crisis Scandal

Los Angeles voters approved a $1.2B bond initiative to address the housing crisis and give apartments to the homeless. As costs have skyrocketed the number of units being built has dropped so that units are not costing almost $700,000 each, more than the median home price in the County. The Mayor's office is on the defensive as calls mount for an investigation.

August 24, 2019

Study Claims Medicare for All would Cost $32 Trillion, but Candidates Won't Discuss It

One of the big stars of the Democratic candidate debates was the promise of Medicare for All. But among all the bluster and barbs the true $32 trillion cost and real challenges never came up. Candidates are giving themselves ten years from its passage to phase in the program which gives the candidates plenty of time to get reelected and retire long before the full impact is felt.

August 12, 2019



Charles Laverty is CEO of Nuzuna Zone Fitness in Costa Mesa in California. Charles has served as CEO or on the board of several healthcare and fitness releated companies over the last few decades including InfusionCare and Curaflex. He is also an active commentator on healthcare public policy and business and political topics.

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