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Third Kavanaugh Accuser Comes Forward, Alleges Kavanaugh Present During Gang Rape

After announcing on Sunday that he had a female client with allegations that Kavanaugh attended house parties and participated in a culture where she was gang-raped, Michael Avenatti, revealed his client’s name on Wednesday.

The third woman accusing Kavanaugh is Julie Swetnick, a Washington D.C. resident, who attended parties in the D.C. area with Kavanaugh in the 80’s.


Swetnick signed a sworn statement and said she was a “victim of one of these ‘gang’ or ‘train’ rapes where Mark Judge and Brett Kavanaugh were present” at a party in Washington D.C., in approximately 1982.


“During the incident, I was incapacitated without my consent and unable to fight off the boys raping me,” she wrote, noting that she shared what happened with “at least two other people” shortly after the incident. “I believe I was drugged using Quaaludes or something similar placed in what I was drinking.”

Swetnick said she attended “well over ten house parties” from 1981-1983 and that between 1981-1982 she began to notice Brett Kavanaugh, Mark Judge and others would attempt to ‘”spike’ the ‘punch’ at house parties I attended with drugs and/or grain alcohol so as to cause girls to lose their inhibitions and their ability to say ‘No.’”

According to Swetnick, Kavanaugh and Judge would “‘target’ particular girls … it was usually a girl that was especially vulnerable because she was alone at the party or shy.” She said she has a “firm recollection” of seeing boys ― including Judge and Kavanaugh ― “lined up outside rooms at many of these parties waiting for their ‘turn’ with a girl inside the room.”

Avenatti made his first public announcement that he had a client with credible evidence against Kavanaugh on Sunday and emailed the below correspondence to the Senate Judicial Committee:

“We are aware of significant evidence of multiple house parties in the Washington D.C. area during the early 1980’s during which Brett Kavanaugh, Mark Judge and others would participate in the targeting of women with alcohol/drugs in order to allow a “train” of men to subsequently gang rape them. There are multiple witnesses that will corroborate these facts and each of them must be called to testify publicly. As a starting point, Senate investigators should pose the following questions to Judge Kavanaugh without delay and provide the answers to the American people:

  1. Did you ever target one or more women for sex at a house party? Did you ever assist Mark Judge or others in doing so?

  2. Did you ever attend any house party during which a woman was gang-raped or used for sex by multiple men?

  3. Did you ever witness a line of men outside a bedroom at any house party where you understood a woman was in the bedroom being raped or taken advantage of?

  4. Did you ever participate in any sexual conduct with a woman at a house party whom you understood to be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs?

  5. Did you ever communicate with Mark Judge or anyone else about your participation in a “train” involving a intoxicated woman?

  6. Did you ever object or attempt to prevent one or men from participating in the rape, or taking advantage, of a woman at any house party?

Avenatti ended the letter saying, “please note that we will provide additional evidence relating to the above conduct both to the Committee and the American public in the coming days.”

In another tweet shortly after, Avenatti also said, ‘”Brett Kavanaugh must be asked about this entry in his yearbook: “FFFFFFFourth of July.” We believe that this stands for: Find them, French them, Feel them, Finger them, F*ck them, Forget them. As well as the term “Devil’s Triangle.” Perhaps Sen. Grassley can ask him. #Basta’”

Swetnick’s allegations come days after a second woman, Deborah Ramirez, made an allegation that Kavanaugh exposed himself and forced her to touch his genitals while both were undergraduates at Yale University.

Both Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh are scheduled to testify this Thursday before the Senate Judiciary Committee.


Lauren von Bernuth

Lauren is one of the co-founders of Citizen Truth. She graduated with a degree in Political Economy from Tulane University. She spent the following years backpacking around the world and starting a green business in the health and wellness industry. She found her way back to politics and discovered a passion for journalism dedicated to finding the truth.

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  1. Martin D Regis September 26, 2018

    Of course No Surprise, the more and longer they delay, the more they will find to accuser him either for Payment making up BS or just that they don’t him to be appointed, Remember who her Lawyer works for and how was she picked to be their lawyer , by chance,, Don’t think so. All sounds fishy to me.

  2. Rick Long September 26, 2018

    Kavanaugh? Fake and Fraud! No Confirmation!

    1. Diann Eichler September 26, 2018

      Rick Long and you know this how?

  3. Rick Long September 26, 2018

    No new appointments until after mid terms!

  4. Donna Rae Mathre September 26, 2018

    time to take him to court .not the supreme court tho. the court where they send pigs like him to prison !! if we could get Cosby we can surly get these pigs in congress and the white house !!

  5. Tere Calderon September 26, 2018

    He got to go before more girl come out

  6. Dave Jenson September 26, 2018

    I’ve yet to believe any of them.

    1. Bill Williams September 26, 2018

      And yet YOU haven’t even heard their testimony. Very suspicious.

    2. Dave Jenson September 26, 2018

      Bill Williams I didnt say I couldn’t change my mind afterwards.
      I’ve heard enough right now to not believe her so far.
      Not to mention the statute of limitations expired 59 years ago.
      As well as other reasons as follows.
      1. Why didnt she come forward when he was being confirmed to the United States court of Appeals?
      2. Why is the testimony so sketchy as to where, and when this took place.
      3. Nothing in his more recent history even indicates there is a pattern of behavior like that.
      4. Who among us doesn’t change over time from stupid things if our youth?
      5. 64 women signed onto a letter that describes him as nothing but polite, and respectful in his high school years, after the allegations were released.
      6. Nothing in his judicial opinions give any indications of him being easy on actual offenders.
      7. The left worries he’ll overturn Roe vs Wade, as if he could single handedly.
      8. The accuser owns stocks in the company that only makes the morning after pill, and may be worried it would be included in their imagined overturning of Roe vs Wade.
      9. We know this is solely a delaying tactic in hopes that during the midterms that Democrats will take the majority in Congress so no Trump nomanees will be placed on the courts.
      10. We know she is a avid supporter of Hillary Clinton, as well as an activist in the anti Trump residence movement.
      11. We also know that both parties play this game against each other all the time. And by doing so, all they are really doing is demeaning women’s allegations, even when that are true, whether they intend to demean them or not.

    3. Carolee Straughan September 26, 2018

      Dave Jenson. So, those 64 women have better memories that Ford??? I doubt it.

    4. Dave Jenson September 26, 2018

      Carolee Straughan seems to attest to his caricature. And they weren’t sketchy about it.
      Did you bother reading all the other reasons as well?

    5. Dave Jenson September 26, 2018

      Carolee Straughan
      Seems that the Democrat party is silent about this one, their party chairman.


  7. Dave Jenson September 26, 2018

    If I was the judge, I’d hire my own lawyers to prepare a case against them for defamation of cariture.

  8. Mary Pore September 26, 2018

    Trash wish I could be mouse in corner when these trash women meet Saint Peter

  9. Theresa Davidson September 26, 2018

    So tired of this all lies

  10. Louis DeVries September 26, 2018

    And the parade continues. Democrats, JUST STOP IT. We see what you are up to.

    1. Bill Williams September 26, 2018

      Good, we’re up to the truth, YOU should be too.

    2. Louis DeVries September 26, 2018

      Bill Williams yes, the truth. Bring it.

    3. Carolee Straughan September 26, 2018

      Louis DeVries…Someone has to keep the lying, immoral, cheating RepubLIEcans in line! This is the worst President and Adminstration in the history of America! The GOP has killed itself by all their crooked fiascos and the record is there for the entire world to see!

    4. Dan Fryling September 26, 2018

      Oh really, that is your Democrat projection. The disgrace is the democrats and the corrupt MSM.

    5. Dan Fryling September 26, 2018

      This disgraceful attempt at slandering shoes just how corrupt democrats are.

    6. Gary Grudem September 26, 2018

      Carolee Straughan You’re some kind of Stupid !!!!

    7. Gary Grudem September 26, 2018

      Carolee Straughan

  11. Rina Davis-van Tuil September 26, 2018

    Just like the trumpet! What else can be expected!

  12. Kristina Huddleston September 26, 2018


  13. Arnold Della Cuevas September 26, 2018

    Should not be appointed until he is completely investigated and cleared , this is a lifetime appointment to the highest office complete the investigation and if there is nothing to hide and he is cleared then by all means move forward . Why the rush a few days won’t matter.

  14. George House September 26, 2018

    I get it Cosby Can be charged and convicted but trump and his slimebag regime get a pass.. Avenatti we really need you Now

  15. Judy Metcalf September 26, 2018

    He’s already been paid! How can he back out?

  16. Erik Dayton September 26, 2018

    It must be a lie. He was a virgin.
    He said so and the president trusts him. He also trusts Jeffrey Epstein, so those rape convictions against him must also be fake! Trump should know since he was at some of those parties with the very young teenage girls.
    I’m going to stop now before I throw up!

  17. Peca Blanco September 26, 2018

    Time for him to withdraw!

  18. James Griffin September 26, 2018

    They must pay good for what is not true

  19. Shana Doty September 26, 2018

    Ramping up thw lies I see

  20. Colene Liles September 26, 2018

    Wow you people are something else. Let’s all hope that you don’t have sons and some female gets mad at then and puts false charges on them. Because the way you guys look at it they would definitely be guilty. What happened to innocent until proven guilty or let’s just talk about due process or the big thing in all three of these where is the evidence. All three of these women if he wanted to get mean about it could be charged to civils cases and one criminal case. So if I was him I would say bring it on baby. Now this is coming from a actual real rape victim that was smart enough to press charges the same night that it happened to me instead of 30 or 40 years later. The three men that rape me spent 15 years each in prison y because I didn’t play a fool I had the proof to convict.

    1. Linda Crawford September 26, 2018

      The Republicans don’t want to Wait for due process! They want to push him through so we’ll be stuck with him. Then he’ll be beholden to the Republicans for every vote he makes!!!

    2. Colene Liles September 26, 2018

      Linda Crawford That is horseshit. And Republicans have been over backwards for her to come testify and tell her story she is in one that is playing games she is the one that does not want to testify under oath. So I have a question for you if she is so honest why won’t she testify under oath? Is it because she knows what she gets caught in her lies she could be prosecuted

    3. Liza Hendrickson-herthel September 26, 2018

      Colene Liles I just testified about incidences that happened 27 years ago. Of course they got a conviction. The crime happened to two little girl ages 6 & 8. 27 years later the perp reoffended. You want this dude on the supreme Court so he can serve your vile bigoted right wing agenda. Put your cards on the table. Then I could respect you.

    4. Colene Liles September 26, 2018

      Liza Hendrickson-herthel okay here’s my cards on the table when I was 15 years old I was raped by three men I was coming back from a football game walking through Gallagher Park three men come up behind me and grab me and tied me to the swing set they ripped my clothes off and they repeatedly raped me and then left me there. A stranger who I can still remember what he look like found me call the police and an ambulance. The damage that these three men did to me cause me to lose my left ovary because of that I have had 4 miscarriages. I was 15 years old but I was smart enough to know and raised the right way to know that the only way to do anything about this was to stand up for myself and press charges which I did and all three men got 15 years each. If you don’t have the evidence to back up what you’re saying then don’t expect people to believe you these days it ain’t going to happen. Hearsay is not evidence.

    5. Colene Liles September 26, 2018

      Liza Hendrickson-herthel also for your information I was a Democrat up until 2012 when I realized the president that I helped get elected years before that President Obama was full of s***.

    6. Rosaland Campbell September 26, 2018

      That’s why the FBI needs to investigate to prove either way which is the truth?????

    7. Charles Freedom September 26, 2018

      Kavanaugh should be investigated and prosecuted the same way Bill Cosby got investigated……just because a sexual predator like trump says he’s a good guy does not make him a good guy…..investigate and prosecute his ass to the max….no mercy!

    8. Colene Liles September 26, 2018

      The whole Bill Cosby thing is getting old they had evidence in that case. There is no evidence in the case the witnesses that renamed has denied the allegation. She does not no what day it was or where it happened so what is there to investigate.

  21. Kennith Berryhill September 26, 2018

    Left thinking? Where is your proof? You have none. Just your hate! Innocent until PROVEN guilty! What if it were you in his shoes? Hatred! Evil haters! Liars! “Show me the beef!”
    You liberals are funny.

    1. Liza Hendrickson-herthel September 26, 2018

      Kennith Berryhill It’s so obvious that the guy is a pig. No offense to the four legged. Him and his grotesque orange boss will be flashing the white supremacist sign. And you’ll be like ‘” Hey what about me” I wanna be in your club!

    2. Kennith Berryhill September 26, 2018

      Liza Hendrickson-herthel the tone of your answer proves my point! Hate,hate,hate. You have not one shred of proof! Not one. Not a single witness she claims was there when it souposly happen, has any recall of this or any event like it. No one to back her story. Just unproven accusations. Innocent until proven guility,is the law.

    3. Darrien Daniel September 26, 2018

      Kennith Berryhill just because people call you put on your bullshit….it not called hate…its called facts…try it sometime it just might work for you…

    4. Kennith Berryhill September 26, 2018

      Darrien Daniel, ok, show us some proof! Any kind of proof at all. Support your view with FACTS! YOU HAVE ZERO FACTS! NOT one person backs her claim. She does not remember the year it happen,or the house it happened at or what the party was about.
      You have nothing because there is nothing. I cannot believe how simple folks on the left are. Sheep!
      Just because you repeat it over and over does not make it true.
      AMERICA law was founded on innocent until “PROVEN” guilty.
      Bet your ass if it were you being smeared, you would be screaming innocent until proven guilty.
      Your response is typical of most liberal responses.
      1) You have NO proof.
      2) You tell me I need facts,attempting to change the topic.
      3) Lacking any proof, you attack me. Typical liberal crap sir.
      4) To me you and your eckel are pathetic.
      BELIEVE what you want.
      And sir the truth you speak of I have and see. I do my owe thinking. I have no political party aleigence. Stupid party line voters hurt AMERICA.

  22. Richard Bolt September 26, 2018

    It’s all liberal backed bs

    1. Carolee Straughan September 26, 2018

      BS???? Trump is a pervert…a dirty old man, as evidenced by him bragging on that tape about hm getting away with molesting women! Oh yeah….a good Christian…NOT! And neither is anyone else who condones his dirty mind and actions! KAVANAUGH is just as bad as Trump and so are you people who think what these men do is ok.

    2. Diann Eichler September 26, 2018

      Carolee Straughan and you know Kavanaugh personally & we’re there like the others supposedly were?

  23. Shirley Hawkins September 26, 2018

    It still gang rapes you in it too, yes take him to court documents filed order for a traitor against American. Yes get him. God plans is to distroy evil.

  24. Janell Pieper September 26, 2018

    They are not Americans they are enemies for anything good

  25. Mary Anne Young September 26, 2018

    Must have left the honey out. I believe that this man has a problem with alcohol and memory. Only he knows for sure, but keep an open for all involved. He said, She Said can get tricky. Let us listen to all parties involved. Then make up your mind. LISTEN .

  26. Ronald Christensen September 26, 2018

    Well things are getting pretty serious for Republicans and their worthless Supreme Court Pick !!!!,

  27. Ronald Christensen September 26, 2018

    And Kavanaugh was a Virgin all through High School, my ass !

    1. Jim Clausen September 26, 2018

      Eddie Haskell

  28. Guy Blackwell September 26, 2018

    Another bought and paid for by Soros

    1. Charles Freedom September 26, 2018

      Nope….your daddy trump decided to choose yet another sexual predator….come on now?

    2. Guy Blackwell September 26, 2018

      Charles Freedom u just cant fix stupid

  29. Carreen Randy Guglielmino September 26, 2018

    Just a regular low life.

  30. Michael S Gregory Sr. September 26, 2018

    It’s not making up BS it is All Women standing up to all this Sexual Abuse that has happened for countless years.

    If they conficted Cosby then none of these Abusers are Above The Law.

  31. Carol Carpinteyro September 26, 2018

    Republicans stop this demcraps are trying to stall vote him in already

    1. Charles Freedom September 26, 2018

      Carol you know that big wall trump’s is begging for is for immigrants that look like you and your family. CHEERS! ?

    2. Carol Carpinteyro September 26, 2018

      Charles Freedom. Lol

    3. Walter Brewer September 26, 2018


    4. Carol Carpinteyro September 26, 2018

      Keep trumping president trump

  32. Ginny Celano September 26, 2018

    All lies, confirm the judge.

    1. Charles Freedom September 26, 2018

      Ginny dis your husband let you out of your cage or did you escape?

    2. Carol Carpinteyro September 26, 2018

      Charles Freedom. She has feedom of speach. And can vote for whoever she wants. Go do your research where in America where we have freedom

  33. Rosaland Campbell September 26, 2018

    FBI needs to be involved

  34. Louise Dodson September 26, 2018

    Well, well!

  35. Larry L. Cunningham September 26, 2018

    More to come!

  36. Susan Schulte September 26, 2018

    How much are they paying her? Soros has deep pockets.

    1. Charles Freedom September 26, 2018

      Sad conservative women like you is the reason republican men treat y’all like crap and the reason we now have asexual predator in the White House. Wake up already and stop defending these sexual predators.

    2. Susan Schulte September 26, 2018

      Charles Freedom why you sound just like a democrat, judging before you know the facts, sad.

  37. Janet Bento Li September 26, 2018

    Father God send Your angels and hosts of heaven to go and dismantle the lies of all Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s accusers. And pull down the stronghold controlling these people. We speak truth and justice into Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to be fulfilled now. In Yeshua’s name, Amen.

    1. Carolee Straughan September 26, 2018

      Innocent until proven guilty….let’s hear the testimony and proof FIRST then let the chips fall where they may. Start with a Lie Detector test on KAVANAUGH!

    2. Mavis Shelby Rosetti September 26, 2018

      Praying to the Antichrist I see. BOT

    3. Janet Bento Li September 26, 2018

      Father God give Mavis Shelby Rosetti more revelations with understanding. The destiny you have for Mavis will be fulfilled in Yeshua. Amen.

  38. Bill Savell Sr. September 26, 2018

    It’s amazing what some women will do for MONEY!!! I’ve heard that sometime they even sell their own bodies for immoral purposes! If they will do that,they will do anything!

  39. Charles Freedom September 26, 2018

    Remove his name from the position, investigate, and prosecute this sexual predator.

  40. Barbara Ashwander September 26, 2018

    More foul play by the left. Confirm kavanaugh

  41. Marie Marks September 26, 2018

    TOTAL HOG!!!!

  42. Miriam Broumas September 26, 2018

    We are now starting to see that there is a pattern here with this sexual predator Kavanaugh and his friend Mr. judge
    it is time to have an FBI investigation put together a report

    1. Diann Eichler September 26, 2018

      Miriam Broumas they have investigated him 6 times already.

  43. Charlie Lagos September 26, 2018

    I’ve been to many partys in my youth, that does not make me guilty

  44. April Severin September 26, 2018

    Let all three testify

  45. Gavina Davis September 26, 2018

    Lock them all up

  46. Mitch Clore September 26, 2018

    That’s the dems lies

    1. Mavis Shelby Rosetti September 26, 2018

      Funny she passed a lie detector test. Let’s see the repugs pass one. ?

    2. Diann Eichler September 26, 2018

      Mavis Shelby Rosetti , lie detector tests mean nothing. They are easily passed & as such are not admissible in court.

  47. Sallie M. Goodwin September 26, 2018

    I am expecting Condolisa Rice to jump up and me too,

  48. Charles Holmes September 26, 2018

    For a million Soros dollars, they come out of the woodwork

  49. Denny Charles Sr. September 26, 2018

    How sick are these friggin people ? Are they all that low life scum you find in DC

  50. Simon Crawley September 26, 2018

    I’m hearing six now. What will it take?

  51. N.L. McCoy September 26, 2018

    Check this out:
    Call to Rush Limbaugh

    “A woman who was a classmate of Kavanaugh’s back in Yale called into Rush Limbaugh’s show yesterday and claimed that members of the media had hounded her over the summer in an attempt to get her to say something negative about him:”

    “[ They’re trying to get dirt on him. I’ve had this happen once over the summer, and the person who called — the reporter — in the middle of the summer, when I wasn’t able to give her any dirt, she started to lead me, just like leading the witness. She started suggesting terrible things that I should say about him, and when I wasn’t able to do that she started leading me down the road. “Can I say anything negative about the groups that he participated in, you know, the clubs that he was a part of while he was at Yale?” Again, I wouldn’t say anything negative about them as well. I didn’t have anything negative to say but he was really offended. The reporters are calling me, of all people, to get negative things to come up with, and it really makes me suspicious that these women who are coming forward have had something similar to them done to them as well, that somebody’s leading them and spurring them on and urging them.]”

    “When I (Rush) wrote earlier this evening that all this crap is just a ploy by the left to stop Kavanaugh’s confirmation, I meant the media too. The media is in on it. They’re doing everything in their power to thwart Trump’s SCOTUS pick, and it’s as clear as day!”

    Copy and paste!

  52. Scott Stowell September 26, 2018

    There are a lot of reasons McConnell wanted to rush this jerks confirmation through . He’s dirty , corrupt , and your average lowlife criminal , just like the rest of this so called administration .
    Only the best people need apply , right ?
    It would be another enormous mistake to actually put this guy on the supreme Court . The first was putting trumpledorf in the goddamn Whitehouse !

  53. Orfelio Briones September 26, 2018

    Serial rapists and Douche Bag

  54. Victor Lopez September 26, 2018

    Another ass-licking asshole and lying hypocrite. Sexual predator.
    Just what the predator-in-cheat, likes and wants.
    So much for christian and family-values. Lying-hypocrits.

  55. joy October 2, 2018

    This third person has an identity, a name? The most vicious way to undermine someone is like this! W… https://t.co/DEf9l11lLq

  56. so she witnessed this, didnt tell anyone, allowed others to be placed in danger, didnt STOP going to… https://t.co/zsp8KDEvYs

  57. Rina Davis-van Tuil October 2, 2018

    Ofcourse he,s a rapist, just like the trumpet! The rich boys cannot keep their zippers up and worse! P…grabbers, remember??

  58. Pat Ward October 2, 2018

    Bye bye Kavanaugh.

  59. Linda Krider October 2, 2018

    Get rid of Kavanaugh

  60. Carol Carpinteyro October 2, 2018

    Confirm judge real Victims never forget who when where she a paid pos karma will come soon vote red save America from demcraps Communist

    1. Marcela Munoz October 2, 2018

      Your self stem is to low , let trump grab your pussy idiot

    2. Carol Carpinteyro October 2, 2018

      Marcela Munoz. F ck off b tch. Like you never in your life talk. Men talk pos

  61. Fred Latimer October 2, 2018

    This guy is another of the very fine people Trump loves.

    1. Dan Fryling October 2, 2018

      He is an Honorable man being smeared by dispicable people like you.

    2. Fred Latimer October 2, 2018

      Dan Fryling There is not much honorable in his behavior.

    3. Connie Szczudlo October 2, 2018

      Dan Fryling I see you have low standards.

  62. Larry L. Cunningham October 2, 2018

    Better he keep singing!

  63. Denny Charles Sr. October 2, 2018

    Who cares at this point we all know is put on by the left

  64. Philip Edwards October 2, 2018

    Leftist BS

  65. Pat Redmon October 2, 2018

    That story has changed too many times.

  66. Louis DeVries October 2, 2018

    I’m pretty sure that she mostly recanted and or changed her story in a recent NBC interview. I’ve got to think that this late to the party posting is just trying to confuse readers into thinking somethings changed.

  67. Barbara Ashwander October 2, 2018

    Smearing people is dems only agenda. No plans for helping the people, only anger and hate

    1. Connie Szczudlo October 2, 2018

      Look At your despicable President!

  68. Jerry Schroader October 2, 2018


  69. Eva Aguilar October 2, 2018


  70. Eric Smith October 2, 2018

    Damn the Republicans are just trashed ,they are littered with pedophiles ,and womanizers ,and racist, rapist, misogynist what happened to the Republican Party ,its no longer a distinguish poised group it just went trailer park overnight..

  71. Bob Morris October 3, 2018

    put an end to this bullshit an lets move on to more important things

  72. Dan Holstein October 3, 2018

    Fake news.

  73. Wanda Walker October 16, 2018

    Where were you when it mattered?

  74. Phyllis Aldrich October 16, 2018

    Apparently people in power (and their groupies) don’t care

  75. Rina Davis-van Tuil October 16, 2018

    This congress lives rapists, look at the WH!

  76. Roberta Coyle October 16, 2018

    Makes you why no better investigation

  77. Robert Rosevear October 16, 2018

    To late for sure!

  78. Kurt Wertz Sr. October 16, 2018

    Old news

  79. Tom Jebb October 16, 2018

    It’s Over. Move On !

  80. Larry L. Cunningham October 16, 2018

    Not over! He is not fit to be judge!

    1. Rosa Flores October 16, 2018

      Wait until you or your sons get accused

    2. Joe Hodgkinson October 16, 2018

      Larry L. Cunningham ,you are a simple minded leftist asshole! No corroboration at all! But you don’t care about rule of law, you are an un-American piece of shit!

    3. Vicky Bachert October 17, 2018

      Keith Ellison is not fit to be a congressman.

  81. Scott Rosenquist October 16, 2018

    This is a month of led and already proven false……effing libtards

  82. Julia Drahos October 16, 2018


  83. Wendi Buchholz October 16, 2018

    What ??

  84. Charles Freedom October 16, 2018

    That’s why trump was running the investigation he was protecting his fellow rapist.

  85. David R. Phillips October 16, 2018

    God Bless Kavanaugh ???

  86. Will Feil October 16, 2018


  87. Irma Seabury October 16, 2018

    Dems are out of control and evil – if they don’t get their way they will pay anyone to damage a persons character. God bless Judge Kavanaugh.

  88. Linda Brown October 16, 2018

    This was from September…?

  89. Joe Hodgkinson October 16, 2018

    And they better understand that our blessed 2ND amendment rights are very strong and we will not be rolled over! We will not be like defenseless central Americans that flee from government thugs!! We fight to the death!!!

  90. April Severin October 16, 2018

    Impeach him he’s a liar

  91. Kate McClelland October 17, 2018


  92. Steve Pearson October 17, 2018

    I was there too! I think?

    1. Vicky Bachert October 17, 2018

      But let me guess. You didn’t see anything or anyone, or if you did you don’t remember. Am I warm?

    2. Steve Pearson October 17, 2018

      I don’t recall. Sound familiar?

    3. Steve Pearson October 17, 2018

      Where did this take place again?

    4. Steve Pearson October 17, 2018

      Where did this take place again? Oh yeah, I still don’t remember.

  93. Dave Meeks October 17, 2018

    Liberal commie democrat lying bitches.

  94. Marty Lassen October 17, 2018

    This story is not going away …

  95. Tim Eastman October 17, 2018

    Wake up!!!!

  96. Vicky Bachert October 17, 2018

    And just like that, Mueller and the Russians just DISAPPEAR.

  97. John Gagne October 17, 2018


  98. Crispy Aviles October 17, 2018

    Just stop.

  99. Jim Sorber October 17, 2018

    Quit Beating a Dead Horse and get a life ??????

  100. Edward Calabrese October 17, 2018

    Too late….this is a done deal and he’s ensconced for life unless some ballsy democrats want to start impeachment proceedings…Pray for Blue victory November 6th

  101. Michael Horne October 17, 2018

    This is over. Move on liars.

  102. Carol Gjerde Gallatin October 17, 2018

    It’s not over. Impeach Kavanaugh. TOM.

  103. Katrina Tina Herbus Manko October 17, 2018

    Why not during the investigation fake bs looking for a buck

  104. Katrina Tina Herbus Manko October 17, 2018

    I pray for red but I don’t understand blue why would you vote for them

  105. Mary Urech Stallings October 17, 2018

    Old faux news.

  106. Tom Russ October 17, 2018

    Associate Justice Boof.

  107. Dorothy McKown October 17, 2018


  108. Carol Funk October 17, 2018

    He proved his own guilt by his own actions and behaviour on the televised hearing

  109. Jerome Herzing October 17, 2018

    He is nothing but trash also & he fits the mold. Yah

  110. Carol Rhoades Melby October 17, 2018

    Fake repeated news…..are they too STUPID to UNDERSTAND……INNOCENT UNTIL PRIVEN GUILTY?????????


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