The 2011 intervention in Libya was sparked by the US condemning the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and the Libyan government. The official justification for the intervention was that Gaddafi was a brutal dictator who had to be removed from power.

After Gaddafi’s murder, the country of Libya descended into chaos with ISIS and other terrorist groups taking over the country.

The US government and NATO back then, saw the fall of Gaddafi as a successful mission.

Fast forward today, the country of Libya is a failed state. The UN has reported that West African slaves are being sold openly in public. 

“The latest reports of ‘slave markets’ for migrants can be added to a long list of outrages [in Libya],” said Mohammed Abdiker, IOM’s (International Organization for Migration) head of operation and emergencies. “The situation is dire. The more IOM engages inside Libya, the more we learn that it is a vale of tears for all too many migrants.” More information available in an article written by The Guardian down below.

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