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Comision de Desarrollo Economico recibe al Ministro Coordinador de Conocimiento y Talento Humano Andres Arauz 30288716370
Caracas II Cumbre Extraordinaria ALBA TCP PETROCARIBE 11433570816
1280px Ecuador El Carmen street
covid 19ecuador
Colombia protest
IMF director Christine Lagarde in a meeting with Brazil's Finance Minister Joaquim Levy. May, 2015.
Ecuador protests fuel hikes
Ola Bini, privacy activist and Julian Assange friend, speaks to Democracy Now after release from Ecuadorian jail (Photo: YouTube screenshot)
Protesters in front of the Carondelet Palace in Quito, Ecuador. One sign reads “From the creators of Assange won’t be extradited we get ‘there won’t be a military base in the Galápagos”. Photo: VOA Noticias
Poster to Free Ola Bini from FreeOlaBini.org
Ola Bini
Julian Assange (YouTube screenshot)
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800px Texaco in Ecuador