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A crown fire (a forest fire that spreads from treetop to treetop) that is part of the Swan Lake wildfire rages through a stand of black spruce in a boreal forest in Alaska on June 19, 2019. In Alaska and Greenland, record or near-record high temperatures have contributed to the upsurge in wildfires.
U.S. and NATO troops prepare to breach a hardened facility during combat training on Ramstein Air Base, Germany, May 30, 2015. (Photo: U.S. Air Force, Tech. Sgt. Ryan Crane)
Donald Trump speaking with the media at a hangar at Mesa Gateway Airport in Mesa, Arizona. (Photo: Gage Skidmore). Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani holding press conference after his victory at 2017 presidential election. (Photo: Mahmoud Hosseini)
The ministers of foreign affairs and other officials from the P5+1 countries, the European Union and Iran while announcing the framework of a Comprehensive agreement on the Iranian nuclear programme. Hailong Wu of China, Laurent Fabius of France, Frank-Walter Steinmeier of Germany, Federica Mogherini of the European Union, Javad Zarif of Iran, an unidentified official of Russia, Philip Hammond of the United Kingdom and John Kerry of the United States in the "Forum Rolex" auditorium of the EPFL Learning Centre, Écublens-Lausanne, Switzerland on 2 April 2015.
Gibraltar Port and Law Enforcement agencies, assisted by a detachment of Royal Marines, boarded and detained a super tanker carrying crude oil to Syria in the early hours of Thursday morning.
A man attempts to cool off at a water fountain as a heat wave strikes Europe. (Photo: YouTube screenshot)
Mette Frederiksen
Theresa May, Prime Minister, United Kingdom
Official portrait of Andrea Leadsom Date
Billy Graham, son Franklin Graham and grandson Will Graham. (Photo: Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Facebook)
President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan as he meets with Russian President Putin in 2015. (Photo by Kremlin.Ru)
An Italian cargo ship sinks off the coast of France. (Image via Reuters)
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White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon at CPAC 2017 February 24th 2017
Protests in Hungary.
Vox’s leader, Santiago Abascal
migrants crash with Bosnian police while crossing into Croatia
Vladamir Putin
Image of Greek Flag with Euro currency.
LE Eithne Operation Triton
Firefighters fight Greece Fires
UK Cabinet Resignations over Brexit
Angela Merkel
EU immigration
UN Security Council
Bulgaria Rose Protests
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Syrian Refugees Europe
Lesvos Greek Refugee Camp
Germany Refugees Welcome
KSF, Kosovo Army
Turkish Media Attacked
Anti-Muslim hate crimes