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Gaza farmers sow wheat, near the Shuka village, south of the Gaza Strip
Scores of Israeli army tanks and armored personnel carriers are massed on December 29, 2008 near Israel's border with the Gaza Strip.
Abunada on what was once the land where his own chemical and medical factory sat, before it was devastated during the massive 2014 Israeli attack on the Gaza Strip. (Photo: Rami Almeghari)
One of the buildings that Israeli warplanes have striken, in Gaza City. The building involves the Anadol Turkish News Agency- Photo by Rami Almeghari
IDF forces prepare themselves before entering Gaza in 2014. (Photo: IDF)
Naser Abu Karsh at his brick factory, south of Gaza City. (Photo: Rami Alghameri)
Two local children filling in water from one of the clean water points in the Maghazi refugee camp central Gaza Strip